Life Sciences with Industry 2014

3 - 7 November 2014

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Are you a young scientist with a background in the life sciences or a related research field and do you have a creative and inquisitive mind? Do you like to think outside- the-box? Do you want to meet new people from other disciplines, including mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering ?

If yes, apply for the second ‘Life Sciences with Industry’ Lorentz workshop.

Echoing the successful  workshop in 2013, the systems biology community SB@NL, the Technology Foundation STW and Cyttron II again join forces to organise this second ‘Life Sciences with Industry’ workshop.

Five challenging R&D problems, formulated by five Dutch life sciences companies, will be tackled by 40 young researchers. They are expected to find creative solutions to challenging, real-life problems. Students are expected to make new contacts and develop future job perspectives as the result of the workshop.

During this workshop, each R&D problem will be tackled by a group of eight young scientists. Each group will be supported by a senior researcher from academia or industry. On the last day, each group will present their solution of the problem that was tackled.

Participants are PhD students and postdocs that have obtained the PhD less than five years ago. They will be selected based on their scientific background and motivation to participate in this workshop.


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