Meeting format

Lorentz Center workshops are meetings where researchers meet to discuss and work together on scientific developments, ideas and plans in an open and interactive atmosphere. The focus is on what you do not know yet, what you want to know and how to get there.

The prevailing meeting format at the Lorentz Center is the workshops, where groups of researchers spend (usually) 5 days together at one of our venues.


Lorentz Center workshops…

  • have ample time for active discussions and informal interactions
  • allow participants and organizers to focus on the scientific content
  • can be mono- as well as multidisciplinary
  • have a limited number of participants: all participants get to know each other during the meeting
  • endorse active participation of junior researchers
  • stimulate diversity in all aspects
  • take place in an informal environment
  • are financially, practically and scientifically supported by the Lorentz Center

We also welcome other meeting types or combinations thereof, like summer schools, study groups with industry, hands-on workshops and consortia meetings.



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