Pathways to Solar Hydrogen Technologies

13 - 17 June 2016

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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 Solar hydrogen technologies enable the production of hydrogen via photo-electrochemical water splitting using sunlight as the clean renewable energy source to drive the reactions. These technologies are envisioned to have a significant positive impact on global warming, while at the same time satisfying the energy and chemical feedstock needs of our society in a sustainable economy. In sharp contrast with solar photovoltaic technologies, there is currently no convergence on a device architecture for solar hydrogen production. While significant research efforts have been devoted to identifying efficient materials for solar hydrogen production, only a limited amount of resources have been targeted at engineering and systems aspects related to integration of materials into practical solar hydrogen devices. Additionally, pathways toward commercialization that take into account environmentally friendly materials and processes, as well as its societal embedding are not yet clear. Therefore, in this workshop we focus on component integration, device engineering, and broader societal impacts of future solar hydrogen technologies. The workshop will bring together leading scientists and key players of industry and governmental sectors in order to align research and development efforts for valorization of these promising technologies including alternative rapid commercialization avenues. We will foster an open environment that will facilitate the candid exchange of ideas, and the development of collaborations with the common goal of bringing solar hydrogen technologies closer to societal utilization.


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