Risk Science and Decision Science for children and teenagers: Helping Tomorrow’s Citizens Making Decisions About Risk

8 - 12 October 2018

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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The aim of the workshop is to develop the first step towards a clear scientific consensus and action plan to further risk education in the Netherlands and elsewhere, along with defining a shared scientific platform.

Since the 1950s the field of risk analysis has emerged as a structured approach to understanding risk – e.g. how to conduct risk assessment, to manage and to communicate risk. However, the lack of focus on the formative years has become a source of concern for eminent scholars and education practitioners alike. This conference will gather some of the most senior scholars from the fields or risk and education, as well as young researchers who have actively expressed an interest in risk education. The conference will gather a multi-disciplinary group of top level scholars from relevant areas of research– including Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis, Behavioural Economics, Cognitive Psychology, Decision Science, Risk Management, Sciences of Education, and Communication- who all see the need for risk education. Decision-makers and practitioners will also play a central part to ensure that the discussions are 1) grounded in reality and 2) transferrable into practice.  The meeting will have a clear focus, putting the shared interest for teaching risk at the centre of the approach.


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