Sustainability Challenge

The Sustainability Challenge is aimed at seeking workshop ideas that address the question of how science and research can facilitate, guide, and accelerate system transitions towards sustainable, climate-resilient, and equitable societies and environments. 

The challenge is a joint initiative of the Lorentz Center and the Dutch Climate Research Initiative KIN


We are looking for innovative workshop ideas that bring together diverse areas of research, including e.g. natural and social sciences, as well as humanities, and different research practices, ranging from academic research to practice- and policy-oriented research to citizen science.


What we look for

  • an organizing team reflecting the transdisciplinary nature of the workshop
  • an innovative scientific program, that takes us beyond current boundaries
  • an open and interactive format, with very few lectures and lots of space for discussion
  • an actionable workshop output (e.g., advice report, position paper, road map…)
  • a diverse group of participants

What we offer

  • a 5-day workshop at the Lorentz Center in the second half of 2024 / first half of 2025, including welcome reception, workshop dinner
  • workshop budget for e.g., travel and accommodation reimbursements up to 15 k€
  • no registration fees or other organizational costs
  • a professional support organization, under the philosophy ‘you do the research, we do the rest”


Winner Sustainability Challenge 2024/2025

Human-Biodiversity Relationships Across Scales

Paco Barona Gómez, Leiden University  
Rob Dunn, North Carolina State University  
Ana-Liisa Laine, University of Helsinki  
Kathryn Stewart, Leiden University
Esther Turnhout, University of Twente

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