The Dynamic & Chemical Connection 2022


4 - 8 July 2022

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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Understanding the newest observations of protoplanetary disks

Planets are formed in protoplanetary disks around young stars. Recent advancements in observational facilities have transformed our view of protoplanetary disks. However, the theoretical models required to explain these observations are currently lacking. This Lorentz Center Workshop will bring together experts across radiative transfer, (magneto-)hydrodynamics and chemical evolution of gas and dust.  We will develop a set of well defined case-studies for protoplanetary (and circumplanetary) disks that will allow to study the interplay between dynamics, microphysics and chemistry in a controlled way. Our results will drive forward the interconnection required to develop a modelling framework that can realistically and self-consistently be applied to properly understand current and upcoming observations of planet-forming disks.

The key goals of this workshop (and subsequent periods of collaboration) are:

- A significant knowledge transfer among the participants in order to form effective working groups to tackle the identified challenges.

- The definition of key case-studies for the interconnection of dust dynamics, chemistry, and their resulting influence on the temperature structure of disks.

- The determination of a technical framework that ensures modularity between approaches, allowing us (and others) to test and compare new methods in a coherent manner.


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