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16 Feb 2021

We love bringing researchers together, if not physically then virtually

In the course of the pandemic the Lorentz Center has become skilled in supporting virtual and blended workshops. 

Advised by the chairs of the scientific advisory boards, the Lorentz Center has decided to no longer postpone workshops, but to support organizers in organizing virtual (or blended) alternatives to the face-to-face meeting. 


Upcoming evaluation 30 May
If you have an idea for a workshop, we invite you to submit your proposal by 30 May 2021. Even though we had to reschedule a large number of workshops due to the covid-19 pandemic, we expect a reasonable number of weeks to be available for new workshops in January-August 2022. If the covid-19 situation requires, we will support you in organizing your workshop online or blended.


Tips & tricks
Take a look at our tips & tricks to learn more about organizing your meeting online.

Please contact our scientific team or send a message to if you have any questions or an idea for a workshop.

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