25 years Lorentz Center

2022 is an important year for the Lorentz Center: we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. Since 1997 we host international scientific meetings and welcome researchers from all over the world. Today the Lorentz Center organizes about 80 workshops per year in all scientific disciplines.

Such a milestone should of course be celebrated in style. Throughout the year various activities will be organized, such as:


- recording of a TEDx talk by our director Arjen Doelman on January 13th

- public lectures in various museums in Leiden

- lustrum party in Snellius on June 23

- College Tour in collaboration with study associations

- photo contest on social media

- collaboration with European City of Science Leiden 2022


We will keep you updated of all activities on our website. if you have any questions, please contact Jacqueline de Boer.


Learn more about the history of the Lorentz Center here.



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