An Expedition into Arithmetic Geometry

30 May - 2 June 2023

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Arithmetic geometry is a geometric approach to number theory: algebraic geometry provides powerful tools to tackle number-theoretical problems. These geometric tools have turned out to be crucial for a number of great past and recent breakthroughs.

This workshop is inspired by Bas Edixhoven, who passed away early 2022 and who was a pivotal figure in the field. Bas had a natural talent to explore these geometric tools to the fullest. He demonstrated the strength of translating number theory into geometry by initiating new directions, proving important results and explaining concepts and ideas to a large number of people, from students to leading researchers.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together a diverse group of mathematicians from various backgrounds and career stages working on different subfields of arithmetic geometry. These subfields include those that Bas Edixhoven has contributed to, in particular:

  • Modular curves, modular forms, and Galois representations
  • (Geometric) quadratic Chabauty
  • Shimura varieties and the André-Oort conjecture
  • Computational arithmetic geometry

The last afternoon of the workshop will feature two talks aimed at a broader mathematical audience, including high school teachers.

Note: due to the limited capacity of the venue, we may not be able to
approve all registrations.  Applications received by 12 March will receive full
consideration. Soon after that, you will be informed about whether or not
your participation is approved. The website will mention whether there will
be another round of registration approvals. 


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