Analysis, Geometry and Group Representations for Homogeneous Spaces

22 - 26 November 2010

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Groups and their homogeneous spaces are basic objects in science and to unravel their structure and that of certain classes of functions on them is of fundamental importance.

A classical example in that respect form Fourier series and integrals.  Harmonic analysis on locally compact groups is the search for a non-commutative generalization of this theory and can be applied in other branches of mathematics such as number theory, singularity theory, probability and integrable systems.

At the conference special emphasis will be put on symmetric spaces, special functions and q-deformations and their representations. The various days of the conference will be centered around a common theme. These themes are:

1)     Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces.

2)     Representation theory in number theory.

3)     Geometric properties of differential equations.

4)     Quantum groups.

5)     Applications of Lie theory in other disciplines.

Besides the plenary lectures, we also want to offer to young researchers an opportunity to give a short presentation of their work. Apart from that there will discussion sessions in the afternoons under the direction of a moderator.  Participants are free to make suggestions at forehand for these sessions.


The goal of the conference is not only to be a platform for the discussion of new results and directions, but we also aim to fortify the structural international cooperation in this field. One of the concrete aims is to set up a research program between the participating groups from Japan and the Netherlands. This conference will be considered to be a success if it will lead to new collaborations, joint papers, projects and meetings.


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