Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

- Winner Lorentz-eScience call 2018 -

3 - 7 June 2019

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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Aim and description of the Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity workshop at the Lorentz Center

The aim of the Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity workshop is to build a community of researchers from the academic world and the intelligence community (in particular the Dutch Joint Sigint Cyber Unit DJSCU), to develop collaborative research plans that focus on practices by the intelligence community. The workshop will discuss three research themes, for their state-of-the-art, the major problems that arise in practice and what is needed to further the themes in a collaborative way (including an roadmap for future research).


1.       Operations Research for Intelligence, games and graphs

2.       Cyber approaches to understanding adversary regimes and players

3.       Counter-terrorism and understanding opposing networks


-       The workshop starts with two keynote talks to outline the state-of-the-art in respective modelling fields from a practical and fundamental research point of view.

-       Each of the following days, a theme will be discussed on the basis of a virtual but realistic case study. Two speakers from the intelligence community and the academic world present their experiences and encountered problems.

-       A plenary discussion session will then define the main problems and open questions for the theme, where taking into account both practical and fundamental research issues.

-       A shortlist of open questions will be discussed in multidisciplinary breakout groups to discuss what is needed to solve the open questions: specific expertise, technology, methodology, databases and the like.

-       The day will be concluded with a plenary session where each breakout group reports their findings and an extensive discussion will integrate the results to outline a roadmap for future research on the theme.

-       The workshop will end with a wrap-up of the week and plans for future research collaborations.

-       Relatively long lunches throughout the week allow for informal interactions and occasionally emptying of mailboxes.

-       All participants are accommodated in the same hotel to make continuous informal interactions possible.

Lorentz Center workshops are scientific meetings in the frontiers of science. The workshops are characterised by sufficient time for interactions (from plenary discussions to breakout groups and informal interactions “in pairs”) and relatively few lectures. The Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity workshop will have 25 participants, so that a private environment ensures that everything can be discussed openly. The Lorentz Center@Snellius venue is designed for interactions in a comfortable setting, with a lecture room, breakout rooms, offices, ample blackboards, WIFI, and a common room with 24/7 drinks, fruit and cookies – all at the discretion of the participants of the Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity workshop.

Lorentz-eScience call 
This workshop is winner of the Lorentz-eScience call 2018. For more information see our Lorentz-eScience program.



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