Bringing Stellar Evolution and Feedback Together

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15 - 19 March 2021

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Massive stars play a crucial role in shaping their environment, accreting from dense protostellar disks and returning large amounts of energy as radiation and mass flows (“feedback”) that reach out to the intergalactic medium. Stellar evolution and feedback on larger scales are well-studied, but to date these communities rarely interact. In light of recent findings that show this connection is timely and crucial, this meeting will bring these communities together to interact, establish a set of common interfaces between the two problem domains, and propose where solutions across this interface will be found.

This online-only workshop will act as a primer event to introduce key topics across stellar evolution and feedback, and build connections between the two research communities. The meeting will take place virtually over two half-day sessions on 15th and 16th March 2021. 

The workshop will feature 8 focus talks on key areas of interaction between stars and their environment, breakout sessions on topics identified during the meeting and a digital platform to enable further discussion and presentation of ideas. Attendees are encouraged to come up with topics for discussion and lead breakout sessions during the meeting. The goal of the meeting will be to identify the key open problems in the interface between stars and the wider universe, and  establish the basis for future collaborations and meetings.


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    Sam Geen, University of Amsterdam  

    Zsolt Keszthelyi, University of Amsterdam  

    Alex de Koter, University of Amsterdam  

    Freeke van de Voort, Cardiff University  

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