Carel Stolker new chair of the advisory board for the NIAS-Lorentz collaboration

1 March 2022 Carel Stolker has succeeded Louise Gunning as chair of the advisory board for the NIAS-Lorentz collaboration.

NIAS and Lorentz Center thank Louise Gunning for her dedicated service to the research community and the inspiring and pleasant collaboration.


We are very pleased that Carel Stolker has accepted our invitation to succeed her and look much forward to this collaboration.


“As a young researcher, I was already interested in the collaboration between different scientific disciplines. My dissertation and much of my other research was about medical malpractice and liability for defective drugs. That was not possible without immersing myself in the world of medicine and pharmacy. And afterwards, when I started publishing about the future of the university, in my capacity as university administrator, I learned a lot from the management sciences, from psychology and from the public administration researchers.


We need both: disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. And that is why it is such an honour to become the new Chair of the NIAS-Lorentz advisory board, as Professor Louise Gunning’s successor. What makes it extra fun is that the focus is no longer my own research, but that of others…, often young researchers – the future!"



Carel Stolker, chair of the advisory board for the NIAS-Lorentz collaboration

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