Citizen Science Lab: Sampling Language and Culture

3 - 6 April 2018

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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The goal of this workshop is to produce an elaborate design for a radical new Citizen Science project that involves the large-scale collection of language and culture samples from and by citizens. We intend to provide guidelines for the organizational and technical infrastructure, the outreach, the involvement of the public, the sort of information and the budget that are needed. Our purpose is to apply the general methodology and design to the case of Dutch: we want to elicit data about varieties of the Dutch language and culture of emigrated citizens in order to find out what the consequences of long-distance migration are for their Dutch language and culture. This humanities workshop will be the second workshop organized under the flag of the Citizen Science Lab. The first workshop, on ‘Citizen Science Lab: Air Pollution’, will take place in January 2018, and is organized by Leiden University and Waag Society. A representative of the first workshop will act as an advisor for this second one.


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