Cognitive modeling of complex behavior

8 - 12 January 2024

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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The workshop aims to develop and promote computational modeling of complex behaviors. We do so by fostering a collaborative environment that bridges the gap between domain experts with limited computational modeling experience and seasoned modelers, and creating shared resources for a broader audience that may be interested in embarking on such projects in the future. This workshop seeks to bring together a diverse group of researchers from various backgrounds, career stages, and geographical locations. By facilitating dialogues and hands-on group work, we aim to produce formal and computational models that can provide insights into complex behavior tasks proposed by the participants.

The workshop focuses on the challenges of the formal and computational modeling of complex behavioral tasks. Spanning five days, it offers a platform to dissect and debate various modeling frameworks, evolve ideas for specific problems into tangible models, and evaluate their implementations. Through direct collaboration focused on specific behaviors (e.g., turn-taking in conversations), the event promotes a deeper exploration of computational modeling's role in cognitive science.

The core of the workshop is self-organized group work, where participants together tackle the modeling of a phenomenon of interest. There will be initial talks on example projects and good practices and recurring joint discussion about the ongoing projects, but no explicit tutorial or lessons on these topics.

There is no attendance fee for the workshop, but travel and accommodation are self-funded by the participants.


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