(Dis)continuing Antipsychotic Medication

28 September - 2 October 2020

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Antipsychotic medication is effective for symptomatic treatment in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. Patients who have remitted from their psychotic symptoms and continue to use medication have a lower risk of relapse than individuals who reduce dosage or discontinue at an early stage. Most international guidelines recommend continuation with antipsychotic medication for at least one year. However, in clinical practice, we see that patients often have a strong wish to stop earlier due to side-effects that affect their everyday social functioning. Randomized intervention studies comparing the long-term effects of maintenance treatment versus early discontinuation are scarce and inconclusive. Psychiatrists, patients and family are therefore unsure which regime to follow: to continue or not to continue? That is the question. 

The pressure to find answers has been felt worldwide and four independent currently address the topic of antipsychotic (dis)continuation: HAMLETT (www.hamlett.nl) covering the Netherlands, TAILOR in Copenhagen (Denmark), REDUCE in Melbourne (Australia) and RADAR throughout the United Kingdom. This international workshop brings together junior and senior researchers from different disciplines to better streamline our joint efforts on this important research topic and shape collaboration. Especially given the longitudinal nature of these studies, it is important to build a strong network together to facilitate international and interdisciplinary collaboration. Moreover, as these international results can actually impact patient care across the world, joint discussions on the interpretation of our future results is needed to translate these into health care guidelines. The organizing committee is determined to make this workshop an impactful and memorable event in September 2020.


    September 28

    09:3010:00 Arrival, registration
    10:0010:15 Introduction to the workshop by the Lorentz Center and the organizers
    10:1511:15 Overview and what’s everyone gonna give&take round, Prof. Dr. Iris Sommer and Dr. Marieke Begemann
    11:1511:45 (Dis)continuation of anti-psychotics: where do we stand? Prof. Dr. Wim Veling – psychiatrist, specializes in psychosis treatment.
    11:4512:00 Discussion
    12:0014:00 Lunch
    14:0014:20 The MESIFOS STUDY by Prof. Dr. Lex Wunderink – PI of the first large-scale discontinuation RCT,performed in the Netherlands
    14:2014:40 The Hui study, by Prof. Dr. Eric Chen – performed a large-scale longitudinal trial in Hong Kong 2018.
    14:4015:00 Plenary discussion
    15:0016:30 Open space session, Dr. Heidi Taipale
    16:3017:00 Plenary discussion: Recap day 1
    17:0019:00 Drinks and networking; Poster presentations by junior researchers of the different, presenting their PhD project

    September 29

    09:3009:50 Review day one, overview today by Prof. Dr. Jim van Os
    09:5010:10 RADAR by Dr Ruth Cooper
    10:1010:30 REDUCE by Amber Weller
    10:3011:00 Coffee/tea break
    11:0011:20 TAILOR by Dr. Nikolai Albert
    11:2011:40 HAMLETT by Marieke Begemann
    11:4012:00 Discussion
    12:0014:00 Lunch
    14:0015:00 The role of patients and family members in RTCs by Martijn vd Brink - Pro Persona peer support worker Karin Groen – family organization Ypsilon
    15:0016:30 Open Space Moderator: Dr. Martijn Kikkert
    16:3017:00 Plenary discussion

    September 30

    09:3009:50 Review day one, overview today by Prof. Dr. Wim Veling
    09:5010:10 Symptoms & relapse by Prof. Dr. Lieuwe de Haan – psychiatrist and has expertise on early psychosis and schizophrenia
    10:1010:30 Cognition (BACS, PRAAT) by Alban Voppel - PhD student investigating speech and cognition in psychosis
    10:3011:00 Coffee/tea break
    11:0011:20 EMA by Chris Geraets – conducts her PhD on EMA measurements
    11:2011:40 BeHapp by Prof. Dr. Martien Kas – specializes in behavioral neuroscience
    11:4012:00 Discussion
    12:0014:00 Lunch
    14:0015:00 Neuroimaging Biomarkers by Ilse Thompson – conducts PET&MRI in HAMLETT Karin Huizer, MD - is finishing her PhD in Neuropathology
    15:0016:30 Open Space Moderator: Dr. Nico van Beveren
    16:3017:00 Plenary discussion
    19:0021:30 Dinner

    October 1

    09:3009:50 Review day one, overview today by Prof. Dr. Filip Smit
    09:5010:10 TBA
    10:1010:30 TBA
    10:3011:00 Coffee/tea break
    11:0011:20 EMA by Chris Geraets – conducts her PhD on EMA measurements
    11:2011:40 EMA by Chris Geraets – conducts her PhD on EMA measurements
    11:4012:00 Discussion
    12:0013:00 Lunch
    13:0013:40 Lectures round concorrently: Data analysis
    13:4014:00 Discussion
    14:0015:30 Open space session Moderator: Prof. Dr. Eoin Killackey
    15:3016:30 Plenary discussion
    16:3017:00 Transport to public event
    17:0020:00 Public event @Leiden (TBA)

    October 2

    09:3009:50 Review day four, overview today by Dr. Merete Nordentoft
    09:5011:00 Open space session moderator Prof. Dr. Iris Sommer
    11:0011:30 Plenary discussion
    11:3014:00 Commitment session
    14:0015:00 Lunch
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    Wim Veling, University Medical Center Groningen, Psychiatry  

    Zoe Haime, University College London  

    Helene Speyer, Copenhagen University Hospital  

    Iris Sommer, University Medical Center Groningen  

    Marieke Begemann, University Medical Center Groningen  

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