Electronic and Spin Transport in Superconductor / Ferromagnet Nanostructures

21 - 25 February 2005

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Much interest currently exists in spintronics, in which the aim is to manipulate and use the electron spin in transport processes. This has also enhanced interest in the transport properties of ferromagnet-superconductor mesoscopic structures. The recent observation and succesful fabrication of S/F/S ’p-junctions’ (Josephson junctions where the F-layer rotates the order parameter over p) was followed by a host of experimental and theoretical activities. Among others, this led to several new magneto-electronic concepts such as the superconducting spin switch and the triplet order parameter which can be induced in a ferromagnet. Such concepts may furnish novel perspectives for superconducting spintronics and spin entanglement schemes. However, at the moment it is fair to say that the number of relevant experiments is far outdone by the number of theoretical calculations and predictions. It is the aim of the workshop to bring together experimentalists and theorists working in the field, in order to help identify the key questions and experimental verifications.

Among the specific topics to be addressed will be

·                            SFS junctions and pi-contacts·                            Superconducting spin switch phenomena·                            Triplet proximity effects·                            Spin transport in mesoscopic superconductors.·                            Magnetic superconductors

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