Elementary Reactive Processes at Surfaces

3 - 7 December 2012

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Description and aim

Surface science attempts to explain the catalytic action that surfaces may show when exposed to gases. Well-defined macroscopic single crystals and ultra-high vacuum conditions were key components in this field of research for several decades. In recent developments, pressure is increased to atmospheric levels and nanoparticles are replacing macroscopic single crystals. In addition, the electrochemical community has also started employing macroscopic single crystals and nanoparticles in their quest to understand chemical reactions occurring at the interface of (mostly) bulk water and metal electrodes. These fields overlap in their use of well-defined metal surfaces and their aim to identify the elementary reactive processes occurring on real catalysts.

The aim of this workshop is to evaluate what these fields can learn from each other and to stimulate the surfacing of new ideas to overcome current impediments, such as the limited repertoire of proven experimental and theoretical methods for electrochemical research.


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