Evolutionary Algorithms for Many-Parameter Physics

7 - 11 April 2008

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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This one week interdisciplinary workshop aims at stimulating interaction, research collaborations, and joint research activities between researchers in many-parameter physics and evolutionary computation.

Moreover, it aims at boosting the state-of-the-art in solving many-parameter physics problems in both computer simulations and experimental applications.

 The emphasis will be on the following aspects:

·         Value and meaning of evolutionary algorithms for multi-parameter physics problems.

·         Advantages of evolutionary computation over other methods.

·         Guidelines for using evolutionary algorithms for high-dimensional optimization tasks.

·         Advanced topics such as multi-criteria optimization, noise, robustness, multiple optima.

·         Experimental optimization on selected sample applications.

·         The ability of extract physical insight from observations made during or after an optimization run.

·         Comparisons of open-loop and closed-loop quantum control.

·         Challenges in physics which require more powerful search and optimization algorithms.

·         Bring your code, learn working with evolutionary algorithms, and start solving your problems.

The program includes tutorials, industrial speakers, presentation of scientific results, and informal discussions.

Specifically, we want to encourage the participants to solve practical problems by

·         learning how to use evolutionary algorithms themselves,

·         bringing your own computer code (in MatLab, if possible) and trying to run an evolutionary algorithm on it,

·         having the possibility to get hands-on support, interaction with, and help by evolutionary algorithm experts.

Work presented at the workshop will also be published after the workshop within a book "Evolutionary Algorithms for Many-Parameter Physics" which Springer has agreed to publish in the Natural Computing Series.

At the workshop we will be able to accommodate a limited number of contributed talks. If you wish to be considered for a contributed talk and publication in the book, please send a title + 1 page abstract by February 15th, 2008.


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