Fundamental Physics at the Crossroads

24 - 28 February 2020

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Particle physics at the crossroads: the Standard Model is extremely successful; however, we know that some new physics exists. Yet of today we have no confirmed prediction where and how to search for it. In such time, new ideas are needed. This workshop brings together experts in cosmology, Early Universe, particle physics theory and phenomenology to search for the way to go. 

    February 24

    This is a basic program. The workshop is fully open to ideas and it is expected that more spontaneous talks shall emerge during the workshop discussions. 

    09:3010:00 Arrival, registration
    10:0010:10 Welcome by the Lorentz Center
    10:1010:15 Opening by the organizers
    10:1511:15 Laura Covi (Mechanisms for the common generation of DM and the baryon asymmetry)
    11:1512:00 Discussion
    12:0014:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:0014:45 Oleg Ruchayskiy (What is known about dark matter properties) 

    Theo Nieuwenhuizen (Completing the Standard Model with sterile neutrinos without “new physics”) 

    15:1515:45 Coffee break
    15:4517:00 Discussion (Dark Matter, BSM, Neutrinos, Gravity Waves,...)
    17:0019:00 Wine and cheese party

    February 25

    09:3010:00 Coffee
    10:0010:45 Alex Vilenkin (Black holes from vacuum bubbles)
    10:4512:00 Discussion (including coffee break)
    12:0014:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:0014:45 Lena Funcke (How Gravity Can Shape the Low-Energy Frontier of Particle Physics: Neutrino Masses and the Domestic Axion)
    14:4515:15 Marco Michel (Numerical Study of Cosmological Relaxation of the Higgs Mass)
    15:1515:45 Coffee break

    Nikos Tetradis (Effective description of Dark Matter for Large Scale Structure)

    16:1517:00 Discussion (Gravity,  Neutrinos/axion, Black Holes, de Sitter,...)

    February 26

    09:3010:00 Coffee
    10:0010:45 Mikhail Shaposhnikov  (Standard Model Meets Gravity: Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Inflation, and other BSM puzzles)
    10:4512:00 Discussion (including coffee break)
    12:0014:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:0014:45 Raju Venugopalan (Emergent dynamics of QCD in the Regge limit)
    14:4515:30 Goran Senjanovic  (Parity and origin of mass)
    15:3016:00 Coffee break
    16:0017:00 Discussion (Naturalness, UV-completion,  Hierarchy Problem, QCD,...?)

    February 27

    09:3010:00 Coffee
    10:0010:45 Allen Caldwell  (AWAKE and New accelerators)
    10:4512:00 Discussion (including  coffee break) Evidence, discovery, exclusion … and fine tuning
    12:0014:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:0014:45 Tanmay Vachaspati (Dynamical quantum collapse and an experimental test)
    14:4515:30 Erik Verlinde (TENTATIVE: Hubble tension and emergent gravity)
    15:3016:00 Coffee break
    16:0017:00 Discussion (Emergence in particle physics and gravity/cosmology)
    17:0021:30 Workshop dinner

    February 28

    09:3010:00 Coffee
    10:0010:45 Gerard ’t Hooft (The quantum black hole without fairy tales) 
    10:4511:30 Discussion
    11:3012:15 Nima Arkani-Hamed (UNCONFIRMED!)
    12:1514:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
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    Gia Dvali, LMU  

    Alexey Boyarsky, Leiden University  

    Kyrylo Bondarenko, Leiden University  

    Ana Achucarro, Leiden University  

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