Hands-on Workshop on Computational Astrophysics

4 - 8 February 2013

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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We intend to address a number of standing problems in Computational astrophysics using the AMUSE framework. These problems illustrate are key elements in multi-scale and multi-physics computational astrophysics. Is small teams of three researchers we will discuss and work on solutions related to combinations of gravitational dynamics, stellar evolution hydrodynamics and radiative processes.

We will work in 6 teams. Each team is composed of an expert, an apprentice and support. The teams are:

Team 1:         Thijs Kouwenhoven

                        Maxwell Tsai

                        Niels Drost

Team 2:         Robert Capuzzo Delcetta

                        Davide Punzo

                        Inti Pelupessy

Team 3:         Alison Sills

                        Martin Zintl

                        Nathan de Vries

Team 4:         Steve McMillan

                        Tjibaria Pijloo

                        Alf Whitehead

Team 5:         Onno Pols

                        Evert Glebbeek

                        Edwin van der Helm

Team 6:         Jan-Pieter Paardekoper

                        Gabriel Altay

                        Behrang Jalali


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