Herschel Key Program

20 - 23 February 2006

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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ANNOUNCEMENT for the workshop on Herschel Key Program coordination

For ESA's next (F)IR mission it is anticipated a set of large spatial and spectral surveys will constitute very important elements of the observing programme, requiring a substantial fraction of the available time of the overall mission. These programs are called Key Programs (KP). For most of these KP's all three Herschel instruments will be used,and there is usually emphasis on the use of one of the instruments.

As we can expect the AO of the Herschel KP's within a year and with the KP definition in the instrument consortia well under way, we plan to have a set of coordination meetings.

So for each HIFI Key Program, we are organizing a one-day meeting in Leiden in the week of Feb 20. The goal of these meetings is to coordinate the HIFI Key Programs with those of the other two instruments and those of the Herschel mission scientists. Below you will find the schedule of these meetings. Note that, in order to keep these meetings workable, we like to keep the attendance limited. The PIs and or project scientists of the three instruments will be there. In addition, we like to hear from your side, which topics you think would benefit from coordination with PACS, SPIRE, or the mission scientists. We would appreciate if you could identify the coordinators of those topics in your Key and we will then invite the coordinators of those topics in your Key Program and their counterparts from the other instruments as well.

Please respond to:

Xander (A.G.G.M.Tielens@astro.rug.nl) and Thijs (hifi-pi@sron.rug.nl).


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