Hot Topics in Quantum Statistical Physics: q-Thermodynamics, q-Decoherence and q-Motors

11 - 16 August 2003

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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The intent of the workshop is to bring together a number of leading scientists and junior researchers working on two closely related areas of quantum statistical mechanics, i.e., on quantum Brownian systems and on the quantum limits to the second law. By doing this, our aim is to discuss hot topics and future directions in these fields, as well as establishing collaborations and connections among seemingly independent communities.

The subjects we plan to discuss include:

·          Quantum limits to the second law;

·          Quantum decoherence and quantum measurement;

·          Quantum motors.

The discussion related to the “Quantum Limits to the Second Law” is a rapidly growing subject. At the same time, issues related to quantum coherence and the measurement process have a tremendous impact in new emerging fields, as e.g. in quantum information processing or in coherence phenomena in low-dimensional systems. The workshop will focus on the quantum statistical aspects of these phenomena, together with possible applications.

A special symposium day on “Quantum Dissipation” is planned for Wednesday 13 of August, in honour of Prof. Ulrich Weiss.


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