ICT with Industry 2023: registration is open

The Lorentz Center and NWO are organizing the ICT with Industry workshop, which will take place from 16 to 20 January 2023. Fifty researchers from different universities will work together extensively on challenging problems, which have been proposed by the participating organizations: KB, VeiligheidNL, Textmetrics, RTL and Axini.

The ICT with Industry workshop brings IT and Computer Science researchers, in particular early career research staff and PhD students, together with professionals from the industry and governments. ICT with Industry 2023 revolves around six case studies, which are subject to an intense week of analyzing, discussing, and modeling solutions.


The workshop will take place physically at the Lorentz Center.


Researchers can register here.

The deadline for registration is 22 November 2022.



  • KB - OCR-quality assesment: Beyond ground truth
  • VeiligheidNL - Explainable Fall Risk Prediction for Elderly People
  • Textmetrics - Brand Value Classification in Text
  • Textmetrics - Gender Bias Detection in Job Ads
  • RTL - Automatic Trailer Storyline Generation
  • Axini - TBA


More information on the cases can be found here.



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