ICT with Industry 2023

16 - 20 January 2023

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Every year, the Lorentz Center, in collaboration with NWO and IPN, organizes the ICT with Industry workshop. 

During five days a group of about 50 researchers from IT and Computer Science from a wide range of universities (within the Netherlands and Europe) will work together extensively on challenging problems proposed by companies. Find more information here

For an impression see this ICT with Industry video. 


Are you a young scientist with a background in ICT and do you have a creative and inquisitive mind? Do you like to think outside-the-box? Would you like to get into contact with industrial partners such as KB, VeiligheidNL and Textmetrics and solve a case together? Then apply for the ''ICT with Industry 2023'' Lorentz Workshop. 

Since 2013, the ICT with Industry workshop, organized by NWO and the Lorentz Center, brings together scientists, in particular (junior) research staff and PhD students, and professionals from industry and governments. The workshop revolves around a number of case studies, which are subject to an intense week of analyzing, discussing, and modeling solutions.

Dutch ICT researchers can offer significant knowledge and expertise in providing rapid and creative solutions to many challenging problems of industrial partners, and are often at the forefront of the state-of-the-art in ICT and ICT-related applications. The workshop aims to join scientists and industrial partners in co-innovation. Co-innovation needs business flexibility and out-of-the-box scientific advances, but promises to deliver accelerated innovation and identification of new industry-science collaborations.

This year’s cases are the following. For more details on the company cases, please have a look at the “Workshop Files” of this page. 

- KB - OCR quality assessment: Beyond ground truth

- VeiligheidNL - Explainable Fall Risk Predication for Elderly People

- Textmetrics - Gender Bias Detection in Job Ads 

- RTL - Automatic Trailer Storyline Generation 

We hope to see you at ICT with Industry 2023! 


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