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Self-Organization under Confinement

1 - 5 March 2021 @Oort

Alvaro Marin, Nuno Araujo, Liesbeth Janssen, Giorgio Dr Volpe

Autonomous Behaviour in Living and Robotic Matter 2021

8 - 12 March 2021 @Snellius

Bas Overvelde, Karen Alim, Corentin Coulais

Clash of the Titans: the Enigmatic Role of Mergers in Galaxy Evolution

8 - 12 March 2021 @Online

Marc Huertas-Company, Sara Ellison, Christopher Conselice, Lingyu Wang

Bringing Stellar Evolution and Feedback Together 2021

15 - 19 March 2021 @Oort

Sam Geen, Zsolt Keszthelyi, Alex de Koter, Freeke van de Voort

Securing Data in Mesopotamia: New Technologies for Secured Cuneiform Texts

18 March 2021 @Online

Caroline Waerzeggers, Rients de Boer, Dominique Ngan-Tillard, Hubert Mara, Dirk Roorda

Applied Sciences, Archeology, Arts and Literature, Chemistry, Computational Sciences, Earth Sciences, History, Informatics and Computer Science, Technological Sciences, Environmental Science, Geography, Linguistics
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