Language Development, Diagnosis and Assessment in School Ages (6-16): Next steps in research and practice

- Hybrid -

27 September - 1 October 2021

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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Language difficulties affect the core of individuals’ well-being and their ability to learn and progress in life. However, lack of appropriate diagnosis for various populations still leaves many of the children with such needs unidentified in time.

This is a workshop to create a new network for working on the identification of language needs in children in the age range of 6-16, by integrating workforces from the Health and Education sciences and the Humanities.

This workshop will bring together researchers and professionals who are at the front line of identification and intervention of language needs (medics, speech and language therapists, teachers) with experts in the detailed description and analysis of language development (linguists) to identify gaps in knowledge of the development of language abilities in the school years in a variety of populations (typical, deaf, with language impairment, with intellectual impairment) and determine a pathway for linguistically-based research on language diagnostics and interventions for language delays, and impairments in the school age (6-16 years), which is an age range that remains severely understudied.


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