Life Around a Radio Star 2022

27 June - 1 July 2022

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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One key question that astronomy is attempting to answer is what are the environmental conditions planets experience around stars other than our Sun. While we have entered an era where identifying nearby exoplanets has become standard, discerning the space weather conditions dictated by the host stars has proved far more elusive. A low-frequency radio detection of a stellar system is a powerful tool for assessing the environmental conditions around a star. In this workshop, we will bring together experts bring together theoretical and observational experts in stellar physics, exoplanet science, and star planet-interactions, across the electromagnetic spectrum, to foster unique insights and collaborations in light of new low-frequency radio detections. 

The scope of the workshop is to bring together theorists and observational experts across the electromagnetic spectrum to address key question in (a) coronal structure and dynamics that includes but is not limited to CMEs, stellar winds, star planet interaction and (b) magnetospheric and auroral mechanisms including by not limited to wind-magnetosphere interactions, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, planet-moon interactions.


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