Lorentz Center workshop results in publication in Nature

20 May 2021

On May 19 the paper ‘The data-driven future of high-energy-density physics’ was published in Nature. This paper has its origin in the workshop Extreme Physics, Extreme Data held at the Lorentz Center in January 2020.

The workshop brought plasma physicists, astrophysicists and data scientists together to work on understanding the emerging statistical and data challenges in understanding extreme high energy density physics.


A key goal of the meeting was to write a white paper detailing the conclusions of the meeting: what standards the community should adopt, what machine learning can do for the field and what the future may hold.


The workshop was organized by Peter Hatfield (University of Oxford, Anderson, Elena Rossi (University of Leiden), Gemma Anderson and Jim Gaffney (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory).


You can find more information about the paper here.

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