Luc Coffeng winner DLF

04 Feb 2021

Epidemiologist and mathematical modeller Luc Coffeng of Erasmus MC Rotterdam has been awarded the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship 2021/22 for his research on infectious disease control.

Luc Coffeng is specialized in modelling the spread of infectious diseases – from worm parasites to Covid-19.

One of the difficulties of developing models that accurately predict the outbreak of a disease, is that there is a complex and constant interplay between how the disease spreads and how people respond and behave. “The Covid-19 pandemic again reminds us of this. With more successful control, the perceived risk of infection decreases, leading to more high-risk behaviour that may result in resurgence, again increasing perceived risk,” says Coffeng.

NIAS-Lorentz program

The Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship (DLF) is awarded annually as part of the NIAS-Lorentz program. This special fellowship is for a leading researcher to work on cutting-edge research, at the interface between the humanities and social sciences on the one hand and the natural and technological sciences on the other.


Mathematical expertise and human behaviour
Louise Gunning, chair of the NIAS-Lorentz Advisory Board: “The NIAS-Lorentz program firmly believes that natural sciences and social sciences need each other to advance knowledge, and Luc Coffeng’s outstanding research is the perfect example of what society stands to gain by combining mathematical expertise with insights into human behaviour.” 

We congratulate Luc Coffeng and look forward to organizing a workshop with him!

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