Micro- and Nano-Fluidics: Fundamentals and Applications

12 - 16 November 2018

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Description & Aim

The fundamentals, applications, and controls of miniature scaled flows—micro/nano-fluidics —affect a broad spectrum of scientific and technological advances, encompassing various fields of physics, chemistry, biomedical, mechanical engineering, and chemical en-gineering. This workshop aims at tackling unresolved problems that critically influence the applications of micro/nanofluidics. In particular, we will address several essential but unre-solved aspects of micro/nano-fluidics, covering interfacial phenomena, electrokinetics, nanofluidics, and applications for energy, environmental, and biomedical technologies. The expected outcomes from the workshop include (i) roadmaps of essential yet unresolved problems of the targeted subfields listed below, (ii) new experimental techniques to meas-ure flow velocities and properties at nano-scales, (iii) directions and understanding of non-linear electrokinetics effects at micro/nano-fluidics, and (iv) the applications of fundamental micro/nanofluidic concepts leading to practical technologies and platforms. In particular, we’d like to bring together researchers who work on different aspects of nano/microfluidics, i.e., fundamentals vs. applications, to stimulate new synergy in tackling complex and unre-solved problems.

The following topics constitute the primary themes of the workshop:

•             Wetting and interfacial phenomena at micro and nano scale

•             Electrokinetic flow in micro/nanofluidics: fundamentals and applications

•             Nanofluidic transport: heat, momentum, and flow measurements

•             Energy and environmental applications using micro/nanofluidics

•             Material, chemical engineering, and biomedical applications using micro/nano-fluidics


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