Microstructure Evolution in Materials: Defects, Cracks & Interfaces

11 - 15 April 2016

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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This workshop brings together experts in modeling and simulation at multiple scales, non-equilibrium statistical physics and multi-physics, and mathematical analysis to attack a grand challenge in materials science: understanding micro-scale evolution and its impact on macroscopic behavior.

Accurate description and prediction of microstructures and their evolution would allow materials designs to be tested in silico, with sweeping benefits across a wide range of technologies, and a boost to emerging technologies such as nano-fabrication, (defect-driven) self-assembly and defect-induced multi-physics.

The workshop will take place at the Lorentz Center during 11-15 April 2016. It will have a special format, where speakers will focus, not on recent research achievements, but rather on open problems, the specific challenges they involve and the potential paths to solve them. The workshop will additionally include lecture tutorials to help cross-fertilization between fields.


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