Modeling of Multicellular Development and Cancer: European CompuCell3D/SBW Hands-on Workshop

8 - 13 October 2012

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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Aim and description

Computational modeling of tissues and organs with cellular and subcellular resolution is becoming an integral part of contemporary bioscience. CompuCell3D and SBW are simulation environments that target complementary areas of biological modeling. By combining the capabilities of both frameworks users can build truly multi-scale models of tissues, organs or organisms with minimal amount of hardcoded, heuristic rules. CompuCell3D and SBW are open source, allowing users to extend, improve, validate, modify and share the core software. For more information please visit: (CompuCell3D and GGH) or (SBW)

By making the course accessible to both experimentalists and modelers we hope to push for closer collaborations between various research groups in Europe. By the end of the intensive 6-day course, participants will have implemented a basic simulation of the particular biological problem they work on. The workshop will consist of a limited number of lectures and extended hands-on computer tutorials. Each attendee will present a 5-10 minute mini-lecture on her/his field of research.



Important dates:

- deadline for applications: 21 August 2012

- notification of admission to the school: 13 September 2012


Who can apply?

The workshop will accept a maximum of 20 applications. The workshop is open to graduate and undergraduate students, post-docs and faculty staff.

How to apply

People interested in applying should fill out the application form at, including a short motivation letter and a biography.


Due to generous sponsorship of the Lorentz Center and the QuanTissue program of the European Science Foundation participation to the school is free of charge. We are also proud to announce that  QuantTissue will provide travel stipends covering the participation expenses for accepted applicants.


Please note that it is our responsibility to mention that the information of the participants of the workshop (title, full name, gender and affiliation) will be entered into the ESF database.



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