Modeling the formation of respiratory aerosols

23 - 27 September 2024

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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The recent pandemic has highlighted the important role respiratory droplets and aerosols play in infectious disease transmission. Disease outbreaks, such as measles, tuberculosis, influenza, and coronavirus, can be driven, in whole or large part, by emissions of pathogen-laden particles that infect nearby individuals. While epidemiological and/or physiological in-silico simulations have become key technologies for optimizing responses by clinicians and policy makers around the world, modeling the formation of respiratory aerosols is still largely an unsolved problem.

This workshop will address the challenges of characterizing respiratory aerosols composition and modeling their formation. It will bring together experts in aerosol science related to respiratory droplets and their experimental and clinical aspects, experts in mathematical and computational modelling of viscoelastic fluids as well as in software engineering. 


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    Chantal Darquenne, University of California, San Diego  

    Stavros Kassinos, University of Cyprus  

    Stefan Hickel, TU Delft -- Aerospace Engineering  

    Anna-Carin Olin, University of Gothenburg  

    Wilbur de Kruijf, Thaerapy BV  

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