New directions in cold and ultracold chemistry

8 - 12 May 2023

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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In recent years, numerous techniques have been developed to produce and probe atoms,
molecules, and ions at energies corresponding to  temperatures T≲10 K. The investigation of cold (T≲10 K) and ultracold (T≲1 mK) systems offers new avenues for answering open
questions in numerous fields of physics and chemistry, including, e.g., astrochemistry,
quantum simulation, and particle physics.

This workshop aims to bring together early-career (young) researchers working in cold and
ultracold chemistry to catalyze potential collaborations toward a synergetic field of
research. Similarly, we will count on renowned experts to guide and lead the discussions
during this program.

The motivation for our workshop is to discuss new directions in cold and ultracold
chemistry rather than solving specific problems arising in a given field. Therefore, the
objectives of the workshop are as follows:

* We want to bring together the young generation of scientists (theorists and
experimentalists) working on cold and ultracold chemistry in the presence of more
experienced researchers in order to establish the foundations for the new directions of
cold and ultracold chemistry.

* Related to the previous objective, this workshop will help to establish a collaborative
atmosphere and vibrant collaborations across fields. Indeed, this is mandatory to
showcase and improve the importance of cold and ultracold chemistry in the scientific
community and society

* With this workshop, we aim to broaden the scope of cold and ultracold chemistry.

* We want to identify the open questions in each area of cold and ultracold chemistry and
envision a proper framework where they could potentially be addressed.

* Ultracold molecular processes
* Applications of cold and ultracold systems
* Cold atom-molecule and molecule-molecule processes
* Cold chemistry involving ions and neutrals


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