NFOA: Setting the Dutch Forensic Research Agenda

In October and November the Lorentz Center hosts 11 one-day workshops with one specific theme: a National Forensic Investigation Agenda (NFOA).

What is the forensic question of tomorrow? How will crime change in the coming years? A number of developments can be predicted. A National Forensic Investigation Agenda (NFOA) will be drawn up for this. Scientists from across the Dutch forensic research field are working - together with forensic experts, police experts and legal professionals - on an inspiring and valuable agenda that will guide forensic scientific research in the Netherlands for the coming decade.


Workshops are organized to put together the NFOA, coordinated by special workshop teams and the Lorentz Center. The NFOA is an initiative of the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) in collaboration with the Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center (CLHC) and the Amsterdam Center for Forensic Science and Medicine. The results of these sessions will be shared and used in the development of the final NFOA.


When this research agenda is ready, it can be used to realize focused research funding for forensic science in the Netherlands, stimulate new collaborations and contribute to the realization of a national forensic network. The NFOA covers all forensic scientific disciplines, with the exception of forensic medical expertise areas, for which a research agenda has recently been drawn up.


These are the topics of the 11 workshops:

  1. Forensic Physics
  2. Forensic Chemistry
  3. Forensic Biology
  4. Mobile Techniques
  5. AI and Data Science
  6. Cybercrime
  7. Activity Level
  8. Forensic Intelligence & Human Factors
  9. Subversive Crime
  10. Biometrics & Pattern Recognition
  11. Digital Forensics

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