NIAS-Lorentz program


The NIAS-Lorentz Program is part of an exceptional collaboration between the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the humanities and social sciences (NIAS) in Amsterdam and the Lorentz Center.


This program was set up in 2006 to stimulate innovative research that bridges the humanities and/or social sciences with the natural, life and/or technological sciences. The program consists of NIAS-Lorentz workshops and two fellowship programs: the Distinguished NIAS-Lorentz Fellowship and the NIAS-Lorentz Theme Groups. The fellowships consist of a few months in residence at NIAS in Amsterdam.



Call for applications NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group (NLTG)


A NLTG is an international group of three researchers including the coordinator. All NLTG members hold fellowships at NIAS, providing them the opportunity to work as a team and engage in the kind of intensive interdisciplinary collaboration that is often difficult to realize in a regular academic setting. They specifically work as a group on cutting-edge research that bridges the divide between the humanities and/or social sciences and the natural, life and/or technological sciences. This can lead to concrete outcomes such as an edited volume, a scientific paper or a project proposal for external funding (e.g. ERC). 


Call for nominations Distinguished NIAS-Lorentz Fellowship (DNLF)


The DNLF is awarded annually to a leading researcher to work on cutting-edge research at the interface between the humanities and social sciences on the one hand and the natural, life and technological sciences on the other. Distinguished NIAS-Lorentz Fellows are nominated by prominent figures from within the Dutch academic community.


Application for all workshops follow the regular application for Lorentz Center workshops.


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