Noise Reduction Technologies with Meta-materials

10 - 14 February 2020

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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The workshop theme focuses on a series of technological advances and scientific studies, which, in the last decade, have been carried out with the aim of reducing the acoustic noise of aircraft, wind‑turbine blades and many other mechanical systems.


    Monday 10 Feburary

    Permeable materials, aeroacoustic noise mechanisms (Chairman of the day: Daniele Ragni)

    Theme: Knowledge sharing, discussion of physical mechanisms, target 1 in the scientific case addressed through active lectures, presentations and brainstorming activities.


    09:3010:00 Arrival, Welcome and Registration
    10:0010:15 Welcome by Lorentz Centre
    10:1511:00 Keynote Active Lecture “Mechanisms of noise reduction from porous/permeable materials” Michaela Herr
    11:0011:15 Coffee break
    11:1512:00 Keynote Active Lecture “Experimental studies concerning porous airfoils” Ennes Sarradj
    12:0012:30 Brainstorming activity “Elucidation of the mechanisms of noise reduction”
    12:3014:30 Lunch break
    14:3015:00 Presentation “”Noise reduction in aircraft industry” Marko Bosman
    15:0015:30 Presentation “Application in wind-energy and in rotors” Alejandro R. Carpio
    15:3016:15 Coffee break + networking
    16:1516:45 Presentation “Application in liners and Helmholtz resonators” Remi Roncen
    16:4517:15 Brainstorming and wrap-up
    17:1519:00 Wine and cheese party

    Tuesday 11 February

    Objective: Knowledge sharing, extension of the physical mechanisms, target 1‑2 in the scientific case addressed through active lectures, presentations and brainstorming activities.

    (Chairman of the day: Francesco Avallone)


    09:3010:15 Keynote Active Lecture “Metamaterials for noise reduction” Sybrand van der Zwaag
    10:1510:30 Coffee break
    10:3011:15 Keynote Active Lecture “Designing for metamaterials applications” Eliza Noordhoek
    11:1512:00 Brainstorming activity “Structural aspects of metamaterials”
    12:0014:00 Lunch break
    14:0014:30 Presentation “Industrial applications of porous materials” Mahdi Azerpayvand
    14:3015:00 Presentation “The application of 3D printed porous materials in airfoil and rotors for trailing edge noise reduction” Chaoyang Jiang
    15:0015:30 Coffee break
    15:3016:15 Presentation “Porous leading edges” Chaitanya Paruchuri
    16:1517:00 Coffee break

    Wednesday 12 February

    Theme:  Advanced Applications of Smart Materials

    (Chairman of the day: Mahdi Azarpeyvand)

    09:3010:15 Active Lectures “Turbulence distortion in metamaterial applications” Stephane Moreau and Christophe Schram
    10:1510:30 Coffee break
    10:3011:15 Keynote Active Lecture “Mechanisms and methods for metamaterials” Jan Delfs
    11:1512:00 Brainstorming activity “Numerical applications”
    12:0014:00 Lunch Break
    14:0014:30 Presentation “Numerical Optimization for Noise Reduction with Meta-Materials” Nicholas Gauger
    14:3015:00 Presentation “Experimental investigation of the liner-type porous trailing-edge treatment for the flat plate and CD airfoil” Guyzel Yakhina
    15:3016:00 Presentation “Modelling of porous metamaterials” Christopher Teruna
    16:0016:15 Coffee break
    16:1516:45 Presentation “NWO presentation” Renee Joosten
    16:4517:15 Brainstorming and wrap up

    Thursday 13 February

    Objective: Formulation of new collaborations and alignment of institutes and industrial companies.

    Target three in the scientific case addressed through discussion sessions.

    09:3011:00 Collaboration Group 1/2/3 open choice of participants
    10:3013:00 Collaboration Group 1/2/3 open choice of participants
    11:0010:30 Coffee break
    13:0014:00 Lunch break
    14:0015:30 Collaboration Group 1/2/3 open choice of participants
    15:3016:00 Coffee break
    16:0016:30 End of the workshop and planning of the new one
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    Daniele Ragni, Aerospace Faculty, TU Delft  

    Francesco Avallone, Faculty of Aerospace, TU Delft  

    Mahdi Azarpeyvand, Faculty of Engineering  

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