7 - 18 June 2010

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Numeration is a rapidly developing and active field, in the Netherlands, as well as internationally. As the examples in the previous section illustrate, it is a discipline with interesting and deep questions and results, connected to many other fields in Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, and Physics.

The Instructional Conference is primarily intended for Master and Ph.D.-students and post-docs with an interest in the subject. For these lectures, we invited four internationally renowned specialists:

·         Boris Adamczewski (Lyon),

·         Mike Keane (Middletown),

·         Vilmos Komornik (Strasbourg), and

·         Mark Pollicott (Warwick)

The aim of these four lectures is to give a `helicopter view' of the field, its techniques and methods. Thus this instructional conference will enable junior researchers to learn (more about) various techniques which are nowadays used in Numeration, Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory and Number Theory, and to meet, work and interact with active researchers in the field. It should enable the participants to attend the subsequent workshop with better understanding of the lectures and the discussions

At the workshop the participants can present their results and discuss them informally. It will be a meeting place for researchers from different fields; Nowadays there are many overlaps between Numeration, Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems and Number Theory.

One day of the workshop will be dedicated to the connection between Numeration and other fields. For this, we will invite the Theoretical Computer Scientists Jan Willem Klop (VU) and Vincent van Oostrom (UU), and the Physicists Ted Jansen (RUN) and Bernhard Nienhuis (UvA).

The workshop will help to bring the overlaps in a wider perspective, and to stimulate new research. The workshop is targeted to the lecturers and participants of the first week as well as to senior researchers who only attend the second week.

The conference will be a meeting place for researchers in numeration from many different angles. Due to this, young researchers will have the opportunity to learn (more about) the scope of the field and to meet the leaders in the field. For researchers in numeration the workshop will offer a platform to discuss and get familiar with techniques used in Numeration, Number Theory, and Ergodic Theory.  


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