Observations and Theory of Quasar Outflows

6 - 9 March 2017

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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Active Galaxies drive powerful outflows to outer regions of their host galaxies. This process is often proposed to act as a feedback agent allowing therefore an interplay between the central supermassive black hole and the host galaxy.

In recent years significative progress has been made in our knowledge of AGN outflows. Observational evidence for galactic scale winds has been achieved in multiple observing bands, from radio, to submm and optical, from ultraviolet to X-rays. In parallel, several theoretical models of AGN winds have been proposed and developed. Thanks to the progress made by current observing facilities, there is nowadays a realm of data that is revealing new aspects of the quasar outflow phenomenon that are not completely covered by theoretical work, and that prompts for a more complete synergy between experts on observational data and theorists.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together key experts on AGN and galactic outflows both on the theoretical and observational side of the field, and to foster fruitful interaction between the two communities. The workshop is also intended to bring together experts in multi-band observations of outflows that will ensure to cover the most recent advance provided by current observing facilities.


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