Opportunities from local noise spectroscopy

20 - 24 November 2023

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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This workshop brings together experts in mesoscopic noise and local noise, both from theory and experiment, with the goal of exploring new opportunities offered by local noise spectroscopy.


Recent technical progress in combining STM with (shot) noise spectroscopy asks for a re-examination of what understanding one can gain with local noise spectroscopy on quantum materials. In this Lorentz workshop, we want to bring together scientists from different communities to discuss progress, open questions, and opportunities in the field.

We design this workshop to be interactive and collaborative. We start the week with some pedagogical talks on background themes followed by the discussion of more recent progress in theory and experiments. We will then proceed with moderated group sessions where participants will discuss and brainstorm the ideas and opportunities for future work. In order to enhance participant interaction during the workshop, we will share a set of questions as a guide prior to the event.

Aims and outcomes

This workshop will be considered a success if it facilitates discussions around the topic of local noise physics and brings in new ideas both from theorists and experimentalists on how to use this technique to better understand quantum matter. Therefore, we aim to come up with new ideas of how to model local noise and draw conclusions from it based on the experimental results that are out there.

Bringing together people with different background working on (local) noise and scanning probe, we aim to create a new community around local noise.


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