Outer edges of disk galaxies: A truncated perspective

4 - 7 October 2005

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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A joint Granada-Groningen workshop to be held from the 4th-7th October (notice the small change of dates)

In recent years, we have come to view the outer parts of galaxies as a vital clue to study their formation and evolution. Star counts in the outskirts of M31, star formation measurements in the outer disk of M83 and other nearby galaxies, the on-going controversy of stellar disk truncations, the latest Spitzer and Galex data, high-z measurements and many other new and exciting results have motivated us to plan a workshop which provides a platform where the experts in the field can interact, discuss and try to put together a consistent picture of the outskirts of spiral galaxies. This workshop will focus especially on the outer edges of disk galaxies, addressing the topics of radial distribution of matter, gas in the outer regions, stellar disk truncation (or not), radial stellar abundance gradients, and star formation (or thresholds) in the outer disk. We hope you can join us. Regards, Isabel Perez (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute), Reynier Peletier (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute), Michael Pohlen (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute), Eduardo Battaner (Granada University), Estrella Florido (Granada University), Ana Guijarro (Granada University/Calar Alto), and Almudena Zurita (Granada University). Contact information: outerdisk@astro.rug.nl


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