Quantum Spin Collective Phenomena in Condensed Matter Physics

5 - 16 August 2002

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Quantum Spin collective phenomena in condensed matter physics

August 5 -16, 2002.


Dr Fei Zhou, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Univ. Utrecht, f.zhou@phys.uu.nl

Dr Philip Stamp, Univ. Utrecht / Univ. British Columbia, p.stamp@phys.uu.nl

Dr Shou Cheng Zhang, Stanford University, sczhang@stanford.edu

General Description

It is now generally believed that in a variety of condensed matter systems, the quantum spin collective behavior plays a vital role not only in the understanding of the magnetic properties of the systems but also its overall electronic properties, such as the quasiparticle spectrum and transport. This is particularly evident in recently studied low temperature meso-nano systems, low-dimensional spin systems, fractional quantum Hall systems, and also in bosonic superfluids and unconventional superconductors.

In a parallel development, physicists interested in the quantum coherence properties of various mesoscopic systems (SQUIDs, mesoscopic magnets, quantum dots), and the spin collective properties of quantum spin systems like quantum spin glasses, spin chains, or spin nematics, have been examining the somewhat exotic ordering and spin dynamics these systems can possess. One of the most newsworthy applications of this work has been to systems of interacting "qubits" (spin-1/2 systems), where one is again interested in the collective spin dynamics, this time as a carrier of information.

In fact, these research activities form one of the frontiers in modern condensed matter physics and have drawn broad attention from physicists working in the areas of mesoscopic physics and nanoelectronics, nanomagnetism and quantum computation, the fractional quantum Hall effects, unconventional superconductivity as well as the BEC of interacting atoms.

This workshop is designated to provide an opportunity for these diverse groups to come together. The 2-week workshop will offer them an opportunity to work together and stimulate new work, as well as allowing different researchers to present their own work in informal seminars.

Topics include

1) Quantum Spin collective phenomena in meso-nano-electronic 0D and 1D systems

-----Spin pumping and spin transport in quantum dots

-----Kondo effects in the SET

-----Spin correlated transport in 1D constrictions

-----1D spin chain

-----Molecular magnets

2) Spin-charge separation in FQHE

-----Pfaffian states and their edge states in FQHE

-----Pseudo spin states in double layer FQHE

-----Spin domain walls and charge excitations in magnetic systems

-----fractional and nonabelian statistics of quasiparticles

3) Spin ordering and spin fractionalization in bosonic, fermionic superfluids and vortex states

-----Spin and charge ordering

-----Spin fractionalized collective excitations

-----Quasi-particles in unconventional superconductors

-----Magnetic and charge ordering in unconventionalvortex states

4) Networks of interacting spins and qubits

-----Interacting qubit systems

-----Coupled quantum dots and coupled SQUIDs

-----Quantum Spin Glasses


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