Realizing early science with WEAVE-LOFAR

22 - 26 May 2023

Venue: Lorentz Center@Snellius

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The WEAVE-LOFAR survey will spend five years using the new WEAVE spectroscopic facility to obtain more than a million optical spectra of sources detected in the LOFAR radio continuum surveys. With this novel parameter space largely unexplored, there are huge opportunities for studying the evolution of galaxies in the early Universe and super-massive black hole accretion and feedback activity. With WEAVE now coming online and the first data becoming available, the time is right to bring key players involved in executing the survey together with scientists from the wider collaboration to spearhead the rapid scientific exploitation of the new dataset.

(i) Comprehensively explore and assess the results of WEAVE-LOFAR science verification observations and key details of the WEAVE analysis crucial to the instigation and progress of early science analysis.
(ii) Substantially advance and enhance early WEAVE-LOFAR science projects by facilitating active collaboration and the sharing of ideas and techniques between participants.
(iii) Collect, discuss and find technical or scientific solutions to problems identified in WEAVE data analysis pipelines.
(iv) Build a roadmap for the full 5 year survey ahead, highlighting new areas of potential scientific advance and discovery revealed by the early WEAVE-LOFAR analysis.


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