Reimagining Value-Creation in Health and Care

12 - 16 June 2023

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Healthcare systems are increasingly embracing person-centered care, where individuals, their networks and health professionals co-create their health. This development requires innovations that match the complexity of healthcare and enable a change of norms, roles, and beliefs to align with modern person and population-centered healthcare practices. Although the idea of co-creation at first glance appears simple, we often observe how individuals and systems are trapped in a paradigm that defines healthcare as a ‘product’, as if healthcare were manufactured and delivered to patients. The insight that services, in contrast to products, always involve an aspect of co-creation, has profound implications for improving the value of healthcare. It entails mutual understanding and action-oriented participation of all stakeholders involved in a service at the different levels of the health care system. 

The purpose of the workshop is to deepen the insight and implications that healthcare as a service always involves an aspect of co-creation at all levels of the healthcare system. As a multidisciplinary group of participants with diverse lived experiences, practical and scientific expertise, we will explore how value is defined from different perspectives (stakeholders) and to discover how individuals, microsystems, organizations, and health systems can co-create, manage, and capture value. We will explore these questions through an illustrative case study of patients with end-stage renal disease, and employ service design methodology in order to discover how and in which situations service design methods can foster co-creation of person and public health value. Together we will from an ongoing community of practice, and will capture the innovative ideas in joint writing to support future valuable actions to redesign healthcare.


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