Relaties, Technologie en Gezondheid

19 March 2015

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

Language:           This lecture will be held in English

Place:                   Museum Boerhaave, Lange St Agnietenstraat 10, Leiden

Registration:      Compulsary, at the Boerhaave website

De voertaal voor deze lezing is Engels


Museum Boerhaave organizes a public meeting with the title Relationships, technology and health on the power of relationships on Thursday, March 19th at 17:00. It is unmistakable. As recent studies pointed out, participants who are hugged more frequently have a lower chance of catching the flu. Indeed, social support is crucial for health and wellbeing. But why are relationships so beneficial? And does  technology alienate us from our social networks, or can technology even facilitate the link between relations and health?

Two speakers will each illustrate an aspect of this theme from their own point of view in the Museum Boerhaave: Margaret Clark, professor in Psychology at Yale University, and psychotherapist Berry Aarnoudse. Moreover, both speakers will share the insights they gain during a workshop held at the Lorentz Center. That workshop focuses on the same theme with reputable relationship researchers and creatives from the technology sector. The meeting's language is English. 

The Speakers

Margaret Clark is a world famous expert on the field of relationships – whether they’re friendships, romantic relationships, or amongst family members. Her research is primarily focused on the question at what times people pay attention to the needs of their partner. When do people support each other when the other is feeling sad? Do you keep track of whether your partner has done something for you, or do you try to especially look for when your partner needs you? Do you compliment your partner? Clark looked at the functions of emotions within relationships: How does feeling regret, gratitude or pain with what your partner has done affect you?

Berry Aarnoudse is a versatile psychotherapist who has been treating couples and families for over 25 years. His experience as former paramedic and crisis service employee can still be seen in his concrete, practical and warm approach. Aarnoudse brought Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) from America in to the Netherlands with great success. EFT focusses on emotions, understanding of love, and commitment within partner relationships.


The public meeting in Museum Boerhaave is a part of the workshop ‘Social Support: Theory Applications and technology’ which is being held in the Lorentz Centrum from March, 16th until March, 20th in collaboration with the NIAS.

Museum Boerhaave is the Dutch National Museum for the History of Science and Medicine. Its aim is to improve the societal support base for science in the Netherlands. Museum Boerhaave always seeks to connect its activities with current events (

The Lorentz Center is a Dutch international workshop center that is hosted by Leiden University. It organizes scientific workshops, to promote innovative research at the scientific frontiers as well as on complex societal challenges (


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