Representations of Lie groups, harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces and quantization

9 - 13 December 2002

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Representation theory of Lie groups, harmonic analysis on

homogeneous spaces and quantization

This concentration period aims to mark a point of reflection in a longstanding

cooperation of Leiden University with universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg

and Tambov. Its purpose is twofold:

·        to discuss what has been achieved so far

·        to draw new lines of research for the future

We will therefore bring together specialists in the subjects of the title from all

over the world. A main topic will be the study of Berezin kernels and quantization,

but we are open for other contributions as well. Though there will be lectures, the

emphazis is on discussion and interaction.

We will particularly encourage young scientists to take part in this concentration period.

The proceedings of this meeting will be published.


Gerrit van Dijk,

V.F. Molchanov


Irena Andreeva                      (Moscow, Russia)             

Jonathan Arazy                      (Haifa, Israel)                     

Gerrit van Dijk                        (Leiden, Netherlands)       

Miroslav Englis                      (Prague, Czechia)             

Jacques Faraut                     (Paris, France)                  

M.I. Graev                               (Moscow, Russia)             

Joachim Hilgert                     (Clausthal, Germany)        

Rais Ismagilov                       (Moscow, Russia)             

Toshi Kobayashi                   (Kyoto, Japan)                   

Grigorii Litvinov                     (Moscow, Russia)             

Vladimir Molchanov              (Tambov, Russia)              

Yurii Neretin                           (Moscow, Russia)             

Gestur Olafsson                    (Baton Rouge, USA)         

Andrey Opimakh                   (Tambov, Russia)              

Angela Pasquale                  (Clausthal, Germany)        

Ivan Penkov                           (Riverside, Cal. USA)       

Michel Pevzner                      (Brussels, Belgium)          

Sergei Platonov                    (Petrozavodsk, Rus.)        

Voldemar-B. Rogov              (Moscow, Russia)             

Sofia Aparicio                       (Leiden, Netherlands)       

Grigori Shpiz                         (Moscow, Russia)             

Harald Upmeier                     (Marburg, Germany)         

Anatoly Vershik                     (St. Petersburg, Rus.)       

Genkai Zhang                        (Goteborg, Sweden)         

Masato Wakayama              (Fukuoka, Japan)              


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