Representing Streams II

20 - 31 January 2014

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Description and aim

Streams are infinite sequences of symbols that are studied by both mathematicians and computer scientists. Mathematicians are motivated by combinatorial problems that arise from number theory or probability. Computer scientists are motivated by specifying and reasoning about infinite data types and ongoing computations. The research in mathematics and computer science seems to run along parallel, disjoint tracks, but we believe there is sufficient common ground to establish connections, and that ideas can be successfully transferred between the fields.

 The workshop Representing Streams that took place in December 2012 paved the way for such interdisciplinary collaborations. The current workshop is a follow-up event that will further develop and stimulate the exchange of ideas that started in 2012.

 Representing Streams II will consist of a tutorial week and a workshop week. In the tutorial week, experts will provide introductory lectures to various topics and is not only aimed at PhD students, but all researchers who are interested in broadening their horizon, and making connections with other areas. In the workshop week, keynote speakers and participants will be invited to present results and open questions from their field. There will be ample time for participants to cooperate on these open problems. The goal is not necessarily to solve all of them, but rather learning from each other's approach to these problems.

Preliminary Program:

Tutorials during the first week will consist of 3x45min lectures plus one 45min exercise session.


* Automatic and Morphic Sequences (Narad Rampersad, Winnipeg)

* Qualitative Dynamical Systems; A Tutorial (Michael Keane, TU Delft)

* From p-Adic Numbers to p-Adic Words (Jean-Eric Pin, Paris/CNRS)

* Streams and Coalgebra (Helle Hansen, RU Nijmegen & Jan Rutten, CWI Amsterdam)

* Tilings and Symbolic Dynamics (Anne Siegel, Rennes/CNRS)

The second, workshop week will consist of keynote talks, contributed talks and work sessions.

Keynote speakers:

* Valerie Berthe (Paris/CNRS)

* Joerg Endrullis (VU Amsterdam)

* Herman Geuvers (RU Nijmegen)

* Neil Ghani (U Strathclyde)

* Michel Rigo (UL Liege)

See preliminary schedule of the school and workshop

Participation costs:

Participation is free, including wine and cheese party and a workshop dinner.

For PhD students, we have a number of student grants available.


PhD student grants:

For PhD students and other young scientists in need of funding, we have a limited number of student grants available. These will include:

·         Free accommodation at Van der Valk Hotel Leiden in Twin Room shared with another PhD student (of the same gender).

·         Reimbursement of travel expenses up to a maximum of € 300,- Travel expenses will be transferred after the workshop, upon presentation of your ticket or travel receipts.

To apply for one of these grants, please send an email to the workshop coordinator (Sietske kroon, email: with a short statement including name, gender, affiliation, supervisor, motivation for participating along with an indication of requested hotel nights and estimated travel costs. The deadline for application of student grants is: 30 October 2013.

Poster presentations:

In both the tutorial week and the workshop week, participants can present their work in the form of a poster. The wine and cheese party on Monday (both weeks) will double as a poster session.


Joerg Endrullis (VU Amsterdam)

Helle Hvid Hansen (RU Nijmegen & CWI Amsterdam)

Dimitri Hendriks (VU Amsterdam)

Charlene Kalle (U Leiden)

Evgeny Verbitskiy (U Leiden)

Scientific Council:

Jean-Paul Allouche (Paris/CNRS)

Valerie Berthe  (Paris/CNRS)

Robbert Fokkink (TU Delft)

Michael Keane (TU Delft)

Jan Willem Klop (VU Amsterdam)

Jean-Eric Pin (Paris/CNRS)

Jan Rutten (CWI Amsterdam & RU Nijmegen)

Michel Rigo (UL Liege)


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