Roadmap Workshop of the Dutch Entertainment Computing Consortium

10 - 13 April 2006

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

If you are invited or already registered for this workshop, you have received login details by email.


This workshop aims to define roadmaps in the field of entertainment computing. The focus lies on four themes:

Entertainment & Health: e.g. children and obesity, pets for health care, mental health in isolation (i.e. ultra long flights, submarines, prison, etc). Entertainment & Gaming: e.g. from chess to multi user games on internet. Entertainment & Training: e.g. simulation environment, tools for managers, etc. Entertainment & Sport Registration & Accommodation

You need to register at the Lorentz Center to participate in this workshop. You will receive an official invitation letter from Lorentz with the URL.  The Lorentz Center will also be able to book a hotel for you. You only need to mention it in your registration.


The Lorentz Center charges no registration fee; the overhead and the coffee & tea are offered to you by the Lorentz Center. The participants have to pay for their hotel and transportation themselves. We will organize dinner at a local restaurant on the spot and you will have to cover for your meal.


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