Scientific advisory boards

The Lorentz Center welcomes workshops from the entire scientific spectrum. The program is advised and guided by more than hundred members in our eight scientific advisory boards. 

We hold that scientific quality can only be evaluated by peers and therefore highly value the boards’ advices: The opinion of the boards is decisive in issues involving scientific content and is leading in our scientific policies.

The tasks of the boards are:

  • Evaluate workshop applications, including feedback to the applicants for improvement of the workshop plans
  • Inform the Lorentz Center of significant scientific developments
  • Provide feedback and advice on strategies and procedures of the Lorentz Center
  • Act as ambassadors and encourage researchers to organize a Lorentz Center workshop

We have six mono-disciplinary boards for the natural and technological sciences and two multidisciplinary boards: the NIAS-Lorentz board supports the social sciences and humanities as well as our collaboration in the NIAS-Lorentz program for overarching research. The computational science board supports e-science, data science and related topics, in a very broad sense.

Most board members are active researchers, selected on scientific merit and taking into account a balanced composition of the board regarding scientific expertise, representation of Dutch universities and research institutes, as well as gender.

The boards and their members are listed in the left menu.

Evaluation by peers

Each workshop application is evaluated by at least five board members, together covering the scientific disciplines of the workshop topic as well as a more general perspective. If specific expertise is not represented among the board members, external reviews are acquired. The outcome of the evaluation is determined by the chair(s) of the relevant scientific advisory board(s).

Applications are assessed on scientific content, novelty, relevance and program format.

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